Author A–Z Tag

Jazzing things up with a tag. Exciting, I know.

Run along your shelves and pick out an author for every letter of the alphabet. If an author is missing for any alphabet, pick one from your tbr and you’re done.

But that’s boring.

Instead, I chose a title that I enjoyed enough to list as a recommendation for the authors that I’ve read. If those works that I’ve read under a particular alphabet wasn’t enough for me to present as a recommendation, then I would choose one from my Goodreads tbr list that I feel I (or you, if we have similar tastes) would like enough to recommend when I’ve read it. If an alphabet is missing, I’ll chose a title that I would like to read under that alphabet on my Goodreads tbr list. All titles that are chosen from the tbr list are marked with an asterisk (*) and alphabets that elude said list will be marked with double asterisks (**).

A- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams 

Goodreads, Books Depository

Aliens and space travel are often treated as (semi)serious subjects in novels and discussions, and by all means they should, because space is creepy and foreign and humans want to understand everything that is creepy and foreign. But Arthur doesn’t. He’s kinda forced into this whole space gibberish with his alien best friend, along with a paranoid android sidekick. Fun fun fun.

B- The Faraway Tree Trilogy by Enid Blyton

Goodreads, Books Depository

Three children, upon moving to their new house, decide to take a walk into the woods and stumble upon a massive tree that reach into the clouds. Being the adventurous little daredevils they are, up they climb the faraway tree and into a realm of magical beings. Except that the land they encounter with each climb is different and the children must get out of said land before they change or face entrapment forever!

I don’t always pride myself for being an avid reader of Blyton’s works (I’m a humble person. Yes, me, I am. ), but this book left such a deep impression on me that I still remember it 10 years from the day I read it. Blyton continues to remain one of those profolic writers that though sometimes generate misses, has hits that will stay with you for probably the rest of your life.

C- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Goodreads, Books Depository

Amazing, delightful, whimsical story that will enchant everyone of all ages. The second book is, in my humble opinion, miles ahead of the first and I have no idea why its not yet adapted by someone somewhere. If you think watching its many adaptation suffice, you’re really missing out. And I don’t say that often.

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