I’m Amber, and welcome to my page. In the spare time that I have when I am not committed to societal responsibilities, I read and indulge in tv shows. Generally, the books/reading materials I pick up tend to fall in either one, or a combination of these categories: Mystery, Science-fiction, Humor, Memoirs, Philosophy, Psychology, Society & Media. The above genres are listed in no particular order. There are occasions where the trend is not followed and I pick up a genre that does not fall into any of the above categories. But those are uncommon happenings.

This page is an avenue for my talking about those things I have read and also possibly some other topics that I desire to write a post about. I hope that in time to come, this page would serve as a community to share and discuss about ideas, books, and other intellectual stuff.

For business enquiries, contact me at thebooksconfetti@gmail.com.

Note: I do not review self-published books.

*Disclaimer #1: All book reviews are my 100% honest opinions. The books I review are usually obtained from the local library or have been paid for myself, unless otherwise stated. 
**Disclaimer #2: I am a Book Depository Affiliate and hence, earn a small commission if you purchase any books through my links. The amount earned will be used to fund book buying and other blogging needs.

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