The Big Slump

I’m caught in a slump.

Well, it’s kind of a wave more than a slump, really. It hits you like a sudden wave of sleepiness you know you can’t fight but to let it run its course. These situations are often always recognized as problems with many posing their 5/10/however-many step solutions to rid the unfortunate of such predicaments.

I enjoy reading, and it is easy to make it into a chore with the silent, background pressure of a blog or mediums that catalogues and shares your reading experience. And I don’t want that. I wouldn’t want to chug through a book just for the sake of it, make a review of it just for the sake of reviewing without knowing whether or not I like the book and gave a solid, accurate account of that fact, or really disliked it due to my skimming of its contents due to the slump, which is unfair and avoidable.

Many times, I feel that periods of break/rest aren’t looked favorably upon by the community when it’s just a very natural thing that happens in all aspects of our everyday life. Often, they are given the gravity of the end of the world with which suggested remedies must be followed at once so as to prevent dragging out said period of rest. But rest is just rest and if something is what you truly enjoy, you’ll get back to it one day, no need for any crazy frenzy.

In all honesty, I’m okay with slumps since I find that they get over themselves. Sometimes, my not reading isn’t due to an abrupt purging of books that rallies the likes of Fahrenheit 451, and hence doesn’t require a 10 step remedy to counter said purging. Neither is it that I suddenly encounter a massive disinterest in whatever content I’m reading. I’m just juggling with everyday life and got (pretty) caught up in it. And that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes the mind just needs to take a break, especially with the constant bombardment of everyday adult responsibilities. I’ve been through solutions that consists of reading lighter materials, switching genres, and looking up bookish inspirations, and they don’t work.

This is a big slump we’re talking about. (Although not as big as a 3 year long slump back in the days.)

Either ways, I will return to this space in a while. Meanwhile,

Have you been in a slump lately? Or have you been reading voraciously like nobody’s business? Let me know. 


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